Scratch Off Australia Maps World with Sleek tube and Scratch tools

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         How much of OZ have you discovered? Here’s a scratch Map of Australia for you to record your travels Show your family and friends all the places you've been to, and plot your next Aussie holiday with this fun scratch map! Simply scratch off the shiny gold foil with the scratch tool provided to reveal the vibrant color. It also features the Australian flags of each state and territories at the bottom and labeled oceans on a cool, glossy looking black backdrop.

Australia Travel Scratch Map Here’s a scratch off map of Australia for you reminisce about all your favorite adventures use the include scratch tool to scratch off the shiny gold foil over the glossy thick map revealing the beauty of Australia

Beautiful vibrant color background underneath Instant conversation starter on any wall and the map is a perfect size (80x62cm) to liven up a wall in your home or office. This poster-sized map fits standard poster frames.

Scratchable Bucket list No matter where you travel domestically, Kaleidoscope World Australia maps allow you to track and plan your adventures. State borders are beautifully outlined for you to track your adventures in Australia. 

Outstanding Attractive Home Decoration the scale length and width of the map design as 1:0.75, it fosters organic and natural looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye the size of the map is the most suitable decoration at home. 

Perfect Gift for Anyone -Perfect gift for any travel, wanderlust enthusiast, and NOMADS Share special travel memories with your loved ones. Great gift for and everyone in between!

  - Travel enthusiasts

  - Life partners

  - Parents

  - Kids

  - Students


- Sleek hard tube casing

- Guitar Pick - for bigger scratch area

- Erasers- to erase smudge residue from scratching

- Magnifying Glass / Ruler 

- Gold Dry Erase Pen - for your travel memories to write your map

- Scratch Pen tools- for precision scratch areas

- 1 Bag for tools 

- Stickers - act location markers

- 1 wiping cloth for cleaning after scratch